Do You Think This Would Be An Appropriate Makeup Look For Christmas Day Lunch With The Fam?


The 2019 American Music Awards have just gown down in LA and it was singer Halsey who really pushed the envelope with her beauty lewk.

Sporting a full rainbow of colours across her eyelids and eyebrows, it has become very clear to me that the 25-year-old has been re-watching the first season of Euphoria for some inspo.

I myself am a huge fan of the breakout hit series; the acting was great, Jacob Elordi was easy on the eyes and the makeup department served up some incredible eye makeup looks which has now sparked a worldwide trend. And that trend is: more is more.

If you've got glitter, pop it on; use every colour in the palette; and it's important to remember that the makeup should not be confined to the eyes. Go nuts - put it on your forehead! Put it on your nose! Put it on your tongue, see if I care!!!!

We even saw Aussie actress Katherine Langford try a Euphoria-lite version on the AMAs red carpet when she served us red the best way possible.

However inspired I am, I keep coming back to one niggling question: could you actually pull off this kind of glam while going to the servo/lunch/work? I mean I'd like to think I'm bold enough, but when push comes to shove will I just end up slathering my eyelid with some kind of beige-y beige colour?

Christmas Day is always a nice time for me to put some effort into the way I look, because without fail my mother will demand a family photo and I refuse look like a thumb in an image that will no doubt get shared on her Facebook page.

But this year I'm going to switch things up and go full Euphoria. Because you know what? Life is too short not to cover your face in pink and purple and have you family wonder if you're on the verge of a full blown mental breakdown.

I encourage you all to take this leap of faith with me - what is the worst that could happen? I might ruin the annual family photo but I guarantee the comments section on my mum's Facebook post will go off.

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