Remember Kelly From 2006’s Iconic ‘Shoes’ Video? Well She’s Back Now With 2020's ‘Masks’

Kelly says wear a mask.

Kelly says wear a mask.

Back in 2006 the concept of viral videos was fairly new. The first ever YouTube video had only been published a year earlier in 2005. Here it is, if you’re wondering.

But that didn’t stop Liam Kyle Sullivan from achieving viral status with his character, Kelly, in the classic 2006 viral music video for “Shoes”.

Although “Shoes” is Kelly’s most well known song, she did produce other fairly popular hits including “No Booty Calls” and “Let Me Borrow That Top”.

Kelly has been quiet since 2012, which is why fans are freaking out right now with her 2020 video “Masks”, released 14 years later and is essentially the spiritual successor to her biggest hit, “Shoes”.

Kelly isn't the only one with using her platform to advocate for mask-wearing. We all know Lady Gaga's mask-game at the VMAs on Monday was especially strong, and as reporter Reena Gupta wrote at the time: she didn’t mince words when it came to the public health message she was getting across. “Wear a mask”, the artist affirmed. “It’s a sign of respect”. You know it

Main Image Credit: YouTube

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