Halsey’s Dropping Easter Eggs Hinting At A ‘Badlands’ Rerelease

Halsey's debut album, Badlands, turns five on August 28. She has big things planned.

Halsey's debut album, Badlands, turns five on August 28. She has big things planned (we think).

The fifth anniversary of Halsey’s debut album Badlands is coming up, and the singer’s been dropping some Easter eggs (Taylor Swift-style) teasing the celebrations and possibly hinting at another release of the songs featured on the album.

Badlands is officially five years old on August 28, and, judging from Halsey’s recent online activity, all signs point to the singer having something big planned for the day – news that fans of her music have jumped on. But are all these Badlands theories based in any real facts or credible information, or are we all just clutching at straws? Enter: our explanation on all these Halsey's Badlands theories.

All the Halsey Badlands Easter eggs we've spotted...

Rumours of a Badlands rerelease picked up steam after fans caught wind of an update on the singer's Instagram last week. Halsey shared an Instagram photo showing her seemingly on a road trip, with a caption reading: “All we do is drive”, a line from her song "Drive", a tune from the Badlands record.

The next day, she shared another photo, captioned “there’s no use cryin’ about it”, a lyric from "Castle", also a track on the singer's debut album.

Then came a photo in Marfa, Texas, with the caption “we don’t feel like outsiders at all”, a lyric from her song "New Americana" – also, yes, from the Badlands album. She's also referenced the album heavily over the past week in a series of posts on her Instagram Story.

And then there's the new website that's dedicated to her debut album, Fans picked up that entering ‘SENDHELP’ as the password would make the website change colours. If any other password was entered, ‘5 YEARS IS A LONG TIME!!!’ would pop up – it's pretty cool, actually. 

Clue #3? The Badlands Twitter account shared a ‘notice’ from its (fictional) visitor centre, announcing it would be closed due to a security breach. Letters underlined in the text spelled ‘They lie to us’. Hmm.

And finally, clue #4, some Halsey fans got a text reading: “I don’t have much time. I’ll leave instructions on … but hurry.”

So what's Halsey planning? We can't say for sure, but she's definitely up to something. Some sort of a re-release of the Badlands album, maybe with some new songs added? With any luck, it'll be just three more days 'til we find out...

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