Sofia Richie Posting Thirst Traps While Scott Disick Hangs With Ex Kourtney Is On Purpose, Surely


OK, we’re going to go ahead and say it: Sofia Richie posting thirst trap Instagrams while Scott Disick hangs with his ex Kourtney Kardashian is 100% on purpose. (We think.) 

I mean, on one of them, the caption reads: “Up close and personal.” Surely that’s a message to Scott to back away from Kourtney and get back to being “up close and personal” with her...? Has to be.

In another the 21-year-old shared to her Instagram Story, she's posing in a mirror selfie, wearing a bikini top and short shorts. The caption (left blank) may as well have read 'Hey Scott, got your attention yet?' 

Of course, our hypothesis is entirely speculative. Sofia may have just been feeling herself. And anyway, posting hot pics are everyone's God-given right, we love to see it, etc etc.. 

Some background on Sofia, Scott and Kourtney, though, for those interested: Sofia and Scott were recently reported to have gotten back together after breaking up in May. Sofia shared a photo to her Instagram Story and eagle-eyed fans picked up that it was taken Scott’s lounge room. The following week, the couple were papped spending all day together in Malibu, celebrating the fourth of July. A source had told People the couple is “trying to make things work while taking things slow.” 

So yeah, all seemed to be back on track for Sofia and Scott… until maybe this week? Scott has been back in Malibu, but this time with his ex Kourt. And sure, their three kids and Kim Kardashian’s kids are there too. But still, for fans it's noteworthy that he’s spending so much time with his ex just after there's been tons of speculation about them reuniting... which brings us right back to Sofia and her thirst traps.

Scott, meanwhile, clearly DGAF. He took to his own Instagram to share his own thirst trap; one of Kourt’s sister Khloe Kardashian.


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