Jeffree Star Sells His Humble 'Barbie Dreamhouse' & It's Cheaper Than Sydney Prices

Yours for USD$3.6mill.

In the latest from the never-ending news swirling in the beauty YouTuber world, Jeffree Star has put his Calabasas mansion up for sale, reports Variety.

Yep, the YouTuber is selling the home he once called his “Barbie dreamhouse”, complete with pink walls, pink curtains and, staircases upholstered in tufted leather – blue, of course. Jokes, also in pink.

Interestingly, and probably also tellingly, the property is listed at USD$3.6mill. Jeffree paid USD$3.62mill for it four years ago, so not only is he not making a profit, but he’s also losing money too. And that doesn’t even factor in all the renovations and OTT extras he added. Like the custom bank vault, which, even more suss, isn't even mentioned or pictured in the listing. (Jeffree had it installed to house all his luxury goods and it was featured in one of his most famous YouTube clips.)

What is mentioned in the listing, however, are the property’s six bedrooms, four-car garage and sprawling backyard with a grassy lawn and BBQ centre. You can virtual tour it here.

The fact the sale is happening while Jeffree’s been in the midst of some serious drama also gives us pause for thought. Earlier this month, Jeffree was dropped from cosmetic brand Morphe with them soon after putting all his products on sale. Then, after attempting to apologise from his past bad behaviour in an apology video, he received heaps of backlash. Most recently, he copped a follower loss of nearly 1 million and was called out for potentially lying about his warehouse robbery back in 2019. 

It’s certainly been a wild month. And on a professional level, could have resulted in Jeffree losing out on some serious cash. Which brings us back to the house sale: just a coincidence? All thoughts welcome.

Oh, and here's that pink vault clip: 

Main Image Credit: Instagram @jeffreestar & ZIllow

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