Here's What Your Star Sign Says About Your Sexual Fetish

Ever wondered what your star sign says about what you're into sexually? Well...

Okay, I may not be an astrologer, or a sex therapist... but I had a Co-Star account for a few months, so I'm feeling confident about the cosmic wisdom I'm about to lay down. Read on for my (completely accurate) hot take on what your star sign says about how you like it between the sheets. Who knows, you might just discover something buried deep within...


They don't know how to relax and always need to be achieving something – including in the bedroom. That orgasm is just another KPI on their upcoming performance review. Caps enjoy a three-way (or more) purely for the challenge of having to please multiple people at once. Ultimately, a Capricorn's truest kink is hard work. And pain!

Capricorn's sex toy of choice: nipple clamps.


This water sign's detachment to reality makes for vivid role plays – of the most fantastical and otherworldly of course! Everything is anthropomorphic, alien or anime. Oh yeah – these guys love hentai.

Aquarian's sex toy of choice: Cat tail buttplugs.


A Pisces does not f*ck. A Pisces Makes Love™. In terms of the kinky spectrum, the fish are about as vanilla as you can get. They love hand-holding and reciting poetry and giving foot massages to their partners… because they are low-key also very into feet.

Pisces' sex toy of choice: none. They tend to keep things acoustic.


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Rock climbing. 'Wait what? But that's a sport?' WRONG! To an Aries, it's foreplay. Nothing like a climb followed by some partner-swapping. That's right – one day someone is going to write their thesis on the correlation between rock climbing and polyamory and win the Nobel prize.

Aries' sex toy of choice: toe shoes.


Taureans like to be comfortable. They are considered the 'pillow princesses' of the zodiac. That being said, they know how to evoke the senses, whether that be through nice oils, candles... or food. They are feeders. They like to feed, they like to be fed. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce – the whole pantry if need be!

Taurean's sex toy of choice: a good L-shaped pillow for maximum comfort in the missionary position.


Edging. Gemini's don't even need to have sex, they're happy to edge their way through existence. They are natural switches, who love variety. Balloons are a major turn-on – is it going to pop? That 'will it/won't it' tension is very exciting for a Gemini. 

Gemini's sex toy of choice: balloons.


Sweet, sensitive Cancers are the ultimate submissives. They are at their most erotically fulfilled when bound in full-on gimp suits or watching their partners with other people. 

Cancer's sex toy of choice: ballgag.


The pageant queens of the zodiac! They love leaking their own nudes and have a camera roll full of ~very~ personal content. If they have the know-how, a Leo will deepfake themselves into porn. They are the sign who keep mirrors in front of the bed and take great joy in watching themselves.

Leo's sex toy of choice: a ceiling mirror.


The biggest Dom of the zodiac by miles. Virgos are Class A control freaks and love nothing more than fully gimping out their partners. They radiate Top energy and thrive to be the very best at all they do. 

Virgo's sex toy of choice: shibari ropes.


For a Libra, the most important erogenous zone is the mind. They like elaborate role plays usually focused on an exchange of power - whether that be servant/master or medical. Tantra is super appealing to them. Why have an orgasm, when you could have orgasms in multiple dimensions across space and time?

Libra's sex toy of choice: the tantric handbook.


Scorpios are exhibitionists who thrive on the risk of being caught. They love rootin' in nature, and are fanatical nudists. Each of the zodiac has a body-part assigned to it, and Scorpio is the genitals, and that's really all they need.

Scorpio's sex toy of choice: a view of the great outdoors.


Whoever started the Mile High Club was a Sagittarius. They are hedonistic explorers who follow the mantra: 'if it feels good, do it'. They are down for anything. While not organised enough to plan an orgy, they will certainly take part if someone suggests one. 

Sagittarius' sex toy of choice: a sex swing.

Written by Sophie Chandler. More from her here.