Behold, Your First Look At A Rugged Zac Efron’s New Netflix Docuseries

A 2020 essential.

Zefron Alert.

Netflix’s new docuseries with sustainability god Zac Efron is (almost) here to save us from the hell that is 2020. What’s it about, you ask? Down to Earth with Zac Efron sees the actor travel round the world with ‘wellness guru’ Darin Olien in search of all the ways we can live more eco-friendly. That’s right: Zac is here to save the planet. We expected nothing less.

Trailer just below:

Upon watching the new trailer and show (it's currently already available in the US, but Netflix is yet to drop it in Australia – the bastards) fans couldn’t help but notice Zefron’s, ahem, more rugged appearance, with the actor looking notably more scruffy than usual. It's a very, very far cry from his HSM days, we'll just say that. Twitter certainly enjoyed Zaccy in a beekeeper suit, chilling in an ice bath, and baking bread. Here’s some of the best reactions to the Efron-aissance.

Man, this is going to be good. Hope you're enjoying Byron, Zac. Stay as long as you like.

Main Image Credit: Netflix 

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