15 Tyra Banks Reaction Gifs That Are So Perfect It Hurts

She's the queen of reaction gifs.

With news that America's Next Top Model will be returning after that whole "we're over!" announcement last year, it's only fair that we honour the SUPREME LEADER of the iconic 22 season show, Ms Tyra Banks, for what she really deserves the praise for - her reaction faces.

Sh*t, WHY did her acting career never take off? Tyra is the fkn lord of expressions, and we reckon you won't need any other gifs in your repertoire for texting instead of using your words. Take a look:

1. When someone says "hi" to you in public, but you don't remember who they are.

2. When someone is wearing ugg boots outside of the house.

3. When you saw the pic of Justin Bieber shirtless exiting his pool.

4. When you're behind a slow walker.

5. When you got a seat next to that hot guy on the bus.

6. When you're friend says they hooked up with their ex again.

7. When you're drunk and trying to be sexy.

8. And when you're even DRUNKER and trying to be sexy.

9. When you're giving your friend outfit advice.

10. When you see a burger on Instagram.

11. When your friend says she did a 10km run this morning and it was "so refreshing".

12. When your ex contacts you after the 3 month mark.

13. ...And when you see your ex's new girlfriend and she's a babe.

14. When that friend of a friend you hate says something really, super dumb.

15. When you remember the sh*t you got up to last night.

See? Perfect. 

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