The Strokes Just Dropped Their First Single In 3 Years & It's All You Need Today

And it's about FKN time!

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So for three years, there's been a huuuge gaping hole in both our hearts and in the music world, you've all felt it. But gather 'round kiddies because today is the day that hole is to be filled. 

The Strokes, the band that soundtracked pretty much all of our horny, awkward AF teen experiences have released their first single 'Oblivious' and rest assured, it's classic Strokes stuff; moody, dirty and just downright fkn cool.

Also announced today, through frontman Julian Casablancas' SiriusXMU radio show, Culture Void, 'Oblivious' will be the first single taken from the new EP 'Future Present Past'.

*squeels- but with Ray Ban sunglasses, leather jacket and cigarette hanging out side of mouth* 

The new EP which was recorded in Austin, Texas and New York and produced by Gus Oberg, will feature new songs 'Drag Queenand 'Threat of Joy' as well as an'Oblivious' remix by the band's drummer, Fab Moretti.

You can now stream the EP on their label's Cult Records website and it's set to drop officially June 3 which gives you plenty of time to learn all of the lyrics and guitar solos before their only Australian appearance at Splendour In The Grass festival, July 22-24 July.

Listen to the perfect little slice of minimal pop-rock 'Oblivious' below and prepare to cry tears of (very restrained and cool) happiness.

- Wade Sellers

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