Our 8 Fave Celeb Hosts On Ridiculousness Who Were Ridiculously Lol


Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness is probably the funniest show out and we’ve definitely caught ourselves Kim Kardashian ugly crying from laughter, because there’s nothing better than ridiculous viral videos and celebrities losing their sh*t over them.

Here’s a roundup of the best celebs that have joined in on all the ~crazy~ fun. 

Johnny Knoxville

Seeing Johnny on Ridiculousness brought us back to the days when he was the baddest mofo on MTV’s Jackass.

Justin Bieber

Skip to 7:00 to watch the Biebz slam his face into a glass door. All the LOLz.

Lil Jon

“At my funeral, they’re gonna be like ‘he was a good man…YEAH!!!’ – Lil Jon

Never change Lil Jon. 

Tyler The Creator

This episode is worth watching just to see Tyler freak the f*ck out over the possibility that he’ll be tickled. 

Snoop Dogg

Rob managed to dig up a golden vid of Snoop from the archives where the Doggy Dogg himself pretends to pee on a goal post after scoring a touchdown in a game of American Football. We’re not even gonna question this 'cause…Snoop. 

Cody Simpson

This ep featured a clip of Cody going on the most awkward date ever, and the second hand embarrassment is so, sooo real. 

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

The Jenner sistahs revealed that they’ve gotten into some pretty massive rows over the years, with Kylie even pulling a knife on Kendall over...lemons. We kid you not. 

Tyler Posey

Tyler spoke to Rob about his “balls deep” bromance with Teen Wolf co-star Dylan O’Brien which has been aptly nicknamed Dyler O’Brosey. Ain’t that just a bit cute.

We can’t wait to see which other celebs join Rob on the panel for more viral videos, LOLz and absolute ridiculousness.

- Jess Lim

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