Every Single Farmer Appearing On 'The Farmer Wants A Wife' In 2021 & How You Can Apply For The Show

The Farmer Wants A Wife is already taking applications for next season of the reality series; meet the farmers who, yes, want a wife.

The Farmer Wants A Wife is already taking applications for next season of the reality series; meet the next lot of star farmers who, yes, want a wife and learn how to apply for the country reality show below. 

As viewers of The Farmer Wants A Wife 2020 can agree, last season was filled with emotional scenes and tons of drama. (It's reality TV, after all) Two of most noteworthy moments were when Farmer Neil revealed the tragic story of how he lost the love of his life in a car crash and when contestant Henrietta Moore left the show after Farmer Alex refused to guarantee her as his winner.

And now we’re set to do it all over again because Channel Seven has dropped the next line-up of eligible farmers itching to get hitched. From a dude with four older sisters to a guy who prefers his pets “over some people”, the next season promises quite the eclectic bunch of farmers (none of them women, sigh).

Farmer Matt, 26, Orbost, VIC

We’ll just start with Farmer Matt’s most romantic gesture he’s ever made, shall we? He “set up a picnic on top of my grandparent’s hill which overlooks our farm with a bottle of champagne at sunset” and naw – very cute. The blue-eyed babe describes himself as “easy-going”, says he “loves a bit of banter” and reckons he’s a “good communicator.” We reckon he’ll be in hot demand.  

Farmer Sam, 24, Canowindra, NSW

Next up: Farmer Sam. Like Matt, Sam counts a picnic as his most romantic thing, though his was more of a fail. “I drove several hours to take a girl to a majestic spot, but I had forgotten a picnic rug so unfortunately it didn’t work out.” Sam’s fun, loving and considers himself an “adventurous soul.” He’s looking for someone who’s authentic, truthful, joyful, curious and responsible. Will he find it on The Farmer Wants A Wife?

Farmer Will, 39, Longwood, VIC

Onto Will, a sheep and cattle farmer who says he was a “bit of a gypsy” in the past, which might explain why he hasn’t been with a partner in “so long.” These days, he indulges in extreme sports, activities like surfing and polo and time at the beach. As you’d expect from a farmer, he often prefers the company of his pets over “some people.” He promises to bring “laughter and an easygoing nature” to a relationship.

Farmer Rob, 40, Snowy Mountains, NSW

If you’re looking for a tall guy, Rob’s your man at a head-tilting 193cm. He’s also funny, adventurous and caring, and counts his “big smiley face” as one of his best attributes. While already a dad to an eight-year-old and 10-year-old, Rob reckons he’d be open to having more kids if and when he falls in love with the right person.. ideally on Farmer Wants A Wife. In five years time, he’d love to be doing what he’s doing now with “the love of my life by my side.”

Farmer Pete, 29, Kingaroy, QLD

And finally, Farmer Pete. As the only boy with four older sisters, you can get why he listed ‘talking about his feelings’ as one of his top unique traits. Pete is looking for a woman with a “bit of get up and go” but also someone who “can relax after work and have a bit of quality time.” He also asks that his potential future partner “value honesty” and “be willing to communicate about everything and anything.”

There ya have it. Feeling any feels for any of these farmer dudes? You can apply to get on The Farmer Wants A Wife and meet 'em here. Good luck.

Main Image Credit: The Farmer Wants A Wife, Channel Seven

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