Jeffree Star Accuses James Charles Of "Mass Manipulation" & Promises He Has Receipts


Imagine if YouTubers had real problems.

Alas, Jeffree Star has clapped back to James Charles after James Charles clapped back to Tati Westbrook and our heads hurt.

ICYMI, Charles uploaded a video earlier today titled 'No More Lies' where he disputed some of the claims Tati had made about him in her 'Bye Sister' video with screenshots of text messages, clips from social media and other various 'receipts'.

Well Jeffree Star, who was also mentioned in the video, has said "f*ck that" and taken to Twitter to tease us with some piping hot tea that he is apparently ready to serve

"Everyone keeps asking me for my RECEIPTS," Star said.

"I have so much to say and some really sad, disgusting things to show you guys. James Charles tried to mass manipulate you all today. When I show you the proof and WHY I tweeted that tweet about him, you will all finally understand."

If someone can tell us how this drama between three beauty gurus is more complex, layered and interesting than this season of Game of Thrones, that'd be wonderful.

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