Kylie Jenner Has Trademarked 'Kylie Kon' So Get Ready For A Lip Kit Festival


When a celebrity files a trademark, it generally means you're about to part ways with your hard-earned cash.

Today it has been announced (via lawyer Josh Gerben on Twitter) that makeup mogul and bazillionaire, Kylie Jenner, has filed to trademark these words: "Kylie Con," "Kylie Kon" and "Kylie Museum." 


Considering the 22-year-old has seen incredible success with her Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin businesses over the past few years, it makes total sense she wants to take things even further in 2020. And if we know Kris Jenner (we do), this will be a moneymaking initiative she has devised in her moneymaking lair.

One could go ahead and assume that "Kylie Kon" will be a huge convention similar to "Beauty Con" which will include makeup artists, workshops, keynotes and many, many, many opportunities to buy lip kits.

Since the news broke the reaction from Twitter has ranged from excitement to 'do not want':

If a major convention isn't your jam perhaps ART is more up your alley. Will you be heading along to the Kylie Museum for an afternoon of culture? Let's hope the walls are filled with Rise & Shine memes. That's all we ask for.

So with all of the speculation at play, one thing we know for sure is that Kylie is about to get even richer. 

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty

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