VIC Premier Dan Andrews Suggests Melbourne Will Revert To Stage 3 Restrictions After September 13

It’s been a long, hard month for Melburnians, who are now in their third (only third?!) week of a harsh stage 4 lockdown restrictions, complete with an evening curfew.

But with the glorious end date (September 13) creeping closer and closer, what will happen in Melbourne after stage 4 lockdown restrictions are due to end? 

In a press conference today, VIC Premier Dan Andrews finally revealed some possible next steps post-Sept 13, with his latest comments suggesting life in Melbourne won’t go ‘back to normal’ anytime soon. Gradual easing of restrictions – likely by way of stage 3 restrictions – is the only way to defeat the second wave of the virus, he said, reports the ABC.

Andews said knows that the lack of clarity around the next stages is “deeply frustrating” for the community. "I want to be very frank with people," Dan Andrews said, per the ABC. "The notion that we would go from, say, stage 4 to stage 2, or stage 1, where all of those businesses would be open like a normal kind of second half of the year, normal spring, we're not going to be able to do that.”

"It's going to have to be gradual and steady, because we've all got to be careful to make sure that nothing we do makes it likely that we find ourselves back here in exactly this place. We want to defeat this second wave and defeat it properly and then that means that we can avoid a third wave, or at least it's much more likely that we can then find that COVID-normal and have a longer-term plan that gets us well into 2021.”

"Hopefully a vaccine comes at some point during next year and then things are in a very different place," the Premier added. Andrews is also in the process of requesting to extend Victoria's state of emergency, which grants the Victorian government more powers to enforce coronavirus regulations. Having the 'emergency' status will make it easier to mandate COVID rules like social distancing, mask wearing and density quotas – all of which are essential while we wait in hope for a vaccine. 

Victoria recorded 113 coronavirus cases and 12 deaths in the past day.

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