Bretman Rock’s Niece Cleo Is A Masterclass In Owning Your Most Authentic Self

Bretman Rock’s pint-sized niece has no qualms in telling the world exactly how she feels, and for that we can only thank her.

As fans will no doubt be aware, beauty influencer and Bretman Rock's new reality show, MTV Following: Bretman Rock, dropped last week. So far, we've gotten to watch Bretman struggle to cook up some "Igado realness" for his mum and sister (fellow influencer Princess Mae), see him go horseback riding with his close pals, and take in some seriously majestic Hawaiian scenery. 

But it is with the greatest of respect to Bretman Rock ("singer-song writer-actor-actress-athlete-activist – a scientist on the motherfucking side – the star of the crystal of the dayayayyayaayy – and a coconut water connoisseur") that we take a moment to honour the perfect spirit embodied by his four-year-old niece, Cleo. 

And it's episode two that we get to truly see Miss Cleo shine. Yup, at a colouring-in session with Princess Mae and Cleo, Bretman decides to give his sister some advice about amping up her domestic furnishings, and as always, he doesn't mince words. "You have a lot of these fake plantickles'' he says. "It looks fake and is very dumb bitch friendly, sorry," he says, apologising for the cuss. That's when Cleo gives Bret the most devastating look of disapproval I have ever seen from a small child in my whole life. 

"Sorry Cleo, I can't help it," Bretman returns, looking nervous. "Why's she mad?". Soon enough, she dramatically exits the room; shutting the door behind her.

Honestly, we should all aspire to live this way. So much of us try to hide how we feel when people rub us the wrong way. Not Cleo. She simply stops what she's doing and let's her displeasure be known; exiting the room for added gravitas. It's called emotional authenticity, people. And Cleo's got it in spades. 

Or what about this scene when Bretman asks Cleo if she wants to help him and Princess Mae in the kitchen? "Why?" she fires back. Yes, why indeed, Cleo. It's a question that we don't ask enough, and one that Bret didn't seem to have an answer for. "You don't have to," he offers. 

This is a four-year-old who simply knows who she is. She does not appreciate you giving unsolicited advice to her dear mum, nor will she help you out without a reason for doing so. Cleo has no interest in being anything other than her full, authentic self. And mark my words! She will let you know about it. 

Watch episode two of MTV Following: Bretman Rock below.

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer for MTV Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @purpletank.

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