Gaz Beadle's Son Chester Is Rushed To Hospital During Gender Reveal Party


It's been a dramatic and stressful few days for Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle and his baby mama Emma McVey.

Yesterday, they celebrated their gender reveal party where they found out they're going to be parents to (drumroll please)....


It was all fun a pink confetti until their son Chester had to be rushed to hospital after he became unwell and needed antibiotics for an infection.

"Gender reveal ended in little monkey at the hospital," Emma captioned a story of her bub. "Antibiotics and back to his usual self in no time hopefully!"

After Emma's followers trolled her for 'partying' while her son was ill, she took to Instagram to clap back.

"For all the absolute idiots trying to give me grief. I took Chester to the doctors Monday, but did they listen? No. I'm just an over-cautious mum. 'He has a slight ear inection but doesn't need antibiotics,'" she wrote.

"Yesterday I knew he wasn't right, he has an ear infection and bladder infection so finally letting us have antibiotics...He was running around yesterday and everyone thought he was fine, I'm not stupid and I know my child."

"He was distracted and that’s why he seemed ‘fine’. So no I didn’t make him stay at the party, I left my own party before everyone else to get him properly checked.”

You tell 'em, Emma! 

We're so happy for these two and can't wait to meet their baby girl. 

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