I Desperately Want To Know What's Inside Lizzo's Tiny Handbag At The American Music Awards


Nothing gets me going more than watching celebs hit the red carpet during awards show szn. The excitement, the drama, the risk-takers, the basics - I love it all!

The 2019 American Music Awards are going down in Los Angeles, California, United States right now and while all eyes are firmly planted on Taylor Swift waiting for her performance, there's actually only one thing on my mind.

What the eff is in Lizzo's teeny tiny handbag?

Before I get into the nitty gritty, it must be said that her ensemble is straight fire - a tangerine Valentino ruffle gown and Stuart Weitzman heels? YAS PLS.

But let's get back to the bag because, despite its size, I have big questions.

It's hard to imagine that she could fit anything inside the miniscule accessory but here are some theories I have about what could be hiding behind those four walls:

1. Tic Tacs - you don't want to have woofy breath when hob nobbing with other celebs.

2. Lipstick - smeared on a piece of paper and folded, for touch ups during the night.

3. Scott Borchetta's business ethics - small enough that you could carry it around just about anywhere.

Above all, I actually, truly, deep down believe there is nothing in there at all. Lizzo is exactly that bitch who will pull up to a red carpet with the smallest bag in the world full of nada, because she doesn't need a thing. She won't need an ID, she won't need an acceptance speech, she won't need a phone, she'll be getting by all night simply by using the hot sauce the runs through her veins.

This a huge power move that can only be executed by someone like Lizzo. Take notes everyone - a small bag is the only confidence booster you need moving through 2020.

All hail the queen of small bags and big moves - LIZZO.

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