Is 'Teen Mom' Making Less Teen Mums?

Teen pregnancy is at an all-time historic low.

ICYMI, we're coming up to 10 years of Teen Mom. And yep, the originals are not teens anymore. (Ahem, Farrah.) 

But way back in 2009, did we ever think the series would spawn into this massive franchise? Between Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2 and 3, who'd a thunk we'd jump across the pond to see what our British counterparts were up to - much of the same it turns out as Teen Mom UK is now airing in its third season. 

Ok so, we're not daft, we know the show has come under attack for 'glamourising' teen pregnancy - not unlike the criticism around new mum Kylie Jenner's luxe representation of motherhood.


But the stars of Teen Mom UK have spoken out about what it's really like to get pregnant so young.

Chloe Patton, Marley's mum, explained to the Daily Star, "People say that we've glamourised teen pregnancy, but I don’t, I still struggle, I still sit in my room in my underwear and cry. We’ve all fallen into this situation and taken it under our wing. Being a mum so young may not always go great, it could go really bad for you."

Co-star Mia Boardman agreed, "We haven't glamourised the reality of it. The grass isn't always greener."


In fact, a 2014 study, five years after the series premiere revealed that the rate of teen pregnancy across Great Britain had dropped to its lowest rate since the ‘60s. A further study from 2016 in Australia revealed the rate had dropped to an all-time historic low.

Maybe it’s time to finally cut these mums a break?

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