Inside the Gloriously Distracting Bardot Reunion Beef

Burn after burn.

Sophie Monk would very much like to be excluded from this Bardot reunion-beef narrative, one that she has never asked to be a part of, since... yesterday.

It all started this week, when Sophie Monk's ex-Bardot bandmates gave her shit for appearing on The Masked Singer after they said she'd told them she was "too busy" for a reunion. Turns out, Sophie says she's never even heard about a reunion and also, what is a Bardot?

We'll start from the top: ICYMI, on Monday night, Sophie was unmasked as The Dragonfly on The Masked Singer

Soon after, ex-bandmate Tiffani Wood took to her Instagram Stories to call her out, saying: “I thought Sophie was too busy for a Bardot reunion. I mean… she’s wearing a dragonfly costume, singing on a stage, while I have to try and get six kids to sleep before the show comes on.”

Then, in the next Story, Tiffani had taken a dig at Sophie’s friendship with show judge 'Jackie O’ Henderson, penning: “Think I’ll go one step further and predict a new single release. Coming to a radio station near you and played by her bestie Jackie O first.” Punchy.

Another former Bardot bandmate Sally Polihronas had then hopped on the bandwagon (had to), resharing Tiffani’s Stories, writing alongside them, “BOOM”.

Tiffani later backtracked, sharing a screenshot Instagram DM convo with Sophie Monk in which she'd asked Soph if she had a new song coming out, captioning it: “To the five people who think I wrote the previous post in jealousy need to stop being so bloody negative. I wrote the post as a tongue-in-cheek forecast because it’s true”.

Now, Sophie has responded in an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show (with her best mate, Jackie O, no less), saying she hasn’t “spoken to the girls for 18 years, except for one of them.” She didn't say whether or not it was Tiff, but judging from all that's gone down, we highly suspect it isn't her. “I didn’t hear about a reunion,” Soph said. “I didn’t think this year it was possible to do anything, really.”

To be honest, can you really blame Sophie for wanting to move on from her days of low-rise jeans, purple eyeshadow and pencil-thin eyebrows? We certainly can't. A proper Bardot reunion would be nice, though. 

Catch Sophie's chat this morning here:

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