Why Hasn't James Charles’ Sisters Apparel Collection Sold Out Like His Past Launches?

James Charles’ Sisters Apparel collection Classroom hasn’t been a sell-out hit off the bat – we're hypothesising as to why.

James Charles’ Sisters Apparel collection Classroom hasn’t been a sell-out hit – and we think we know why.

Few have the influence, stature and monetary value as James Charles. He's a brand in and of himself; one that raked in a reported USD $22 million last year. Whatever products he puts out in the world usually sell out pretty damn quick, which is why it's so curious that his recent Sisters Apparel collection Classroom hasn't had the same fanfare.

Apparently James Charles’ latest Sisters Apparel collection still hasn’t sold out yet. We’ve sat on it, pondered it over and have a few hunches as to why that might be, which we thought would be fun to outline here. (Today's a slow YouTuber news day. Indulge us.)

First up, there was the recent controversy surrounding the collection: James was accused of ripping off designs from streetwear brand Teddy Fresh. The brand’s co-founder Ethan Klein shared a conversation between him and James, in which James admitted he saw a resemblance between his new clothing line and Ethan’s, but said there was nothing he could do about it. Receipts below.

There’s also the fact some fans still supposedly haven’t gotten their items from the last launch. One Reddit user wrote: “Seriously, what kind of business completely ignores complaints that the buyers haven’t been notified of where there are for MONTHS yet just willy-nilly announces and promotes a new release?” Yikes. So there’s that.

And then there are of course the many other controversies James has faced that could be slowly contributing to his fans being a little less keen on buying his merch and supporting him. This year alone he’s had beef with Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, Alicia Keys and Lauren Conrad, and he's been photographed blatantly ignoring social distancing rules, too. 

Could the tide be turning on the beauty YouTube world’s golden child? Only time will tell... As always, you'll get our red-hot take on everything that happens (or doesn't) right here. 

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