Machine Gun Kelly's 2020 Aussie Icon Is Corey Worthington & Yes, Really

Machine Gun Kelly is apparently a huge fan of party boy Corey Worthington.

Machine Gun Kelly is apparently a huge fan of party boy Corey Worthington.

Machine Gun Kelly said his fave Aussie icon is Corey Worthington and we don’t know what we’re more surprised by: this revelation, or the fact Americans even know who Corey is?

Yesterday, during an appearance on The Sunday Project, the rapper was asked what content he’s loving atm. His answer? “In terms of Australian content, it’s still that homie with the glasses on that was like 16 years old and threw the party at his parent’s house that the neighbours hated.” So yes, he was talking about Corey, though he didn’t know him by name.

“Still to this day, one of my favourite YouTube clips and content that Australia has produced,” MGK said. Later, he added: “We don’t know it yet he low-key is like, an Australian historical figure, dude!”

If you didn't know, the back story on Corey is this: in 2008, when he was 16, Corey threw an epic house party at his parent’s place in Melbourne with a reported 500 guests. Police choppers and a dog squad showed up and the whole neighbourhood was subjected to the chaos. After the party, Corey went on a few TV shows giving interviews about it, including one that saw him flat-out refuse to a) apologise to his neighbours and b) take off his sunnies.

Since then, Corey’s been in the 2008 season of Celebrity Big Brother, the 2018 season of Australian Ninja Warrier and a RedBalloon ad with his dad, which cheesily saw him patch things up with his dad by buying him an 'experience'. 

Anyway, we're glad to see that, um, this is the kind of Aussie content that is making its way onto US soil. For a throwback, here's that Corey interview that went viral: 

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