Gaz Beadle & Emma McVey Shut Down Trolls, Reveal Distressing Birth Story


Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey have had to deal with their fair share of trolls since becoming parents to baby Chester but the couple have now come forward to announce that they’re beyond fed up with all the bodyshamers. Watch our video above about their baby journey!

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Emma explained that her birth wasn’t nearly as smooth as most people expected, revealing: “People were tweeting me saying, "We'd all love an easy pregnancy and easy birth", when they had no idea what happened or what my birth was like. 

Hitting out at the reports she’d been dieting too much during the duration of her pregnancy: “I basically made smoothies and shakes to get everything in after Chester's feed, but I got hammered for that. Would I have got hammered if I was eating a pizza?


Gaz, who has stood up for Emma’s figure in the past, added: “Yes, Emma has good genes and she's bounced back. Some people do and some people don't, but that's not our fault. Don't get angry at us because she did and you didn't.”

As for the difficult birth Emma endured, she said: “We’re not going too much into it, as it wasn’t what we wanted. I ended up having to have a C-section.

And proving that he’s taken to fatherhood like a natural, Gaz revealed that life was “repetitive” before Chester entered the world, and admitted that he was “fighting back tears” while Emma went into labour.

“I was turning away as it was happening. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s just mad that there’s a little human. Honestly, it still feels weird… I was hysterical. I’m responsible. I still ring my mam if I’m in a panic. I rely on that person even now, so it’s mad that I’m now that for him. It will never sink in, I don’t think.”

Good on Gaz and Emma for getting real about the bodyshamers, but still managing to keep a decent perspective on what really matters in life.

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