The 'South ParQ Vaccination' Special is Coming To Aussie Screens This Week

The perennially mischievous minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone are back to skewer QAnon and the vaccine rollout.

One of the many, many (and admittedly minor) terrible things about 2020, was that there wasn't much to laugh about. The beginning of the vaccine rollout has made things feel a little lighter – and to help us endure the jab FOMO in the meantime is the return of South Park with an hour-long Vaccination Special, premiering on Aussie screens Thursday March 11 via 10 Shake, from 8:30pm AEST. 

It's set to follow the travails of the boys in the animated show's eponymous Colorado Rockies small town where everyone is desperate for a COVID-19 jab. Mr. Garrison offers the gang a path to their own New Normal if they can bring enough vaccines to South Park Elementary, but attempts to do so are complicated by the arrival of a militant new group in town. Oh, and Butters becomes ensnared in the Little Qties – an infantile parody of the QAnon conspiracy. It's typically bonkers, gloriously distasteful and painfully topical – all the things South Park does best. Watch a teaser trailer below.

South ParQ Vaccination Special is the first new dispatch from Trey Parker and Matt Stone since The Pandemic Special last year. Their acerbic commentary was sorely missed in the frantic news cycles of 2020, and it felt strange not to hear the show's take. While a South Park season is on air, the animated show is famously made on one week deadlines, allowing it to respond quicker to current events. There's a lot for the pair to draw on from the last two months of the new year alone – the Capitol Hill insurrection, the Harry and Meghan interview, Joe Biden's presidency – so let's hope there are more episodes to come.

If you missed the South Parq Vaccination Special, don't fret. You can download and watch the special – and buy a season 24 pass for access to every new episode as it drops – on Google Play.

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Written by Josh Martin, a Melbourne-based freelance music and media writer with words in MTV Australia, NME, Junkee, Crikey, etc. Follow him on Twitter @joshuamartjourn.

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