Three Bardot Members Give A V Shady Interview & Say They Haven't Spoken To Sophie Monk In 18 Years


In what was one of the shadiest zoom calls we’ve seen since iso began - three of the five original members of ~iconic~~aussie girl group Bardot and a whole lot of tea.

In a slightly awks three-way video call, Tiffani Wood, Belinda Chapple and Katie Underwood joined forces for an appearance on Seven's The Morning Show


Whilst the interview began with a very civil  trip down memory lane with some incredible flashbacks to Bardot performing on the stage of Parramatta Westfield in the early 2000’s it quickly turned to the questions we all REALLY wanted to hear.

And like a dog with a bone Larry FINALLY addressed the elephant in the room and asked why the other members weren't joining them.

And my oh my did Tiffani deliver the goods.

“Sophie … I haven't spoken to her in 18 years. As far as I know, the answer (to reuniting) is no. I don't know why. I think she is doing bigger and better things, maybe. I'm probably the wrong person to ask."


The shade of it all. 

And you better believe the girls didn't leave it there. Katie dug the knife in further, suggesting Sophie was just way too busy to respond to a DM from her old bandmate.

“I left the group early, so it was just the four girls and the next thing I knew, (Sophie) moved to LA. It is just one of those things. She was away for 10 years. Then, I don't know. Life moves on. I tried to reach out to her via social media but it’s hard when you have 500,000 followers; she probably didn't get my message. You know, you don't take it personally. I certainly understand what it is like to be as busy as she must be.”


While Sophie forged a career in acting and hosting, the other members took a different route with their careers.

Belinda is an interior designer living in singapore, Tiffani is a mum of six who runs a children's singing school on the Goldie, Sally works in TV production and Katie runs a sound healing spirituality business. 

So for anyone holding out hope for a Bardot reunion, you might have to focus your efforts elsewhere. Terribly, sorry.

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