WATCH: Avril Lavigne Has Released A New Video & It's A Full Blown Emo Throwback


Avril Lavigne has released a dark and ghastly video for her immensely cathartic song, "I Fell in Love With the Devil." While her tune is emotional and personal, the video takes the concept to the extreme, providing a spooky companion that sits with you well after it ends. If you fell in love with Lucifer, what do you think would happen? It couldn't possibly be what's in here.

The video for "I Fell in Love With the Devil" feels luscious and intimate, like we're not supposed to be seeing what we are. Lavigne drives a hearse with the body of an innocent woman – also played by her – clad in white, most likely to symbolize innocence. We then see Lavigne again, seduced by Lucifer's full beard and slick hair. She plays the piano in dark skies, clad in a blood red dress. She also holds a black cross with sinister, evil eyes.

Loving Lucifer drains you of your humanity and makes you a shade of your human self. It's a powerful statement and compelling addition to her narrative, being able to see how she feels about her life's situations from an artistic standpoint.

"I Fell In Love With The Devil" appears on her recent album, Head Above Water, that came out in February. It features the previously released singles "Tell Me It's Over," "Dumb Blonde" with Nicki Minaj, and the title track, which arrived with a powerful, awe-inducing video. She's heading out a tour in support of the album this fall, marking her first trek in over five years. It kicks off in September and wraps up in October.

Watch the video for "I Fell in Love With the Devil" up above.

- Trey Alston.

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