‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Is Officially Underway So Get Out Your Diamante Eyes & Glitter Tears


Holy crap, our favourite show is coming back for a gritty second season and it’s just had its first table read.

That’s right, you all know we here at MTV are obsessed with Euphoria.

What’s not to like? An artistic-yet-well-observed look at teenagers navigating sexuality, society and self, fronted by the impossibly talented Zendaya and executively produced by Drake.

Sounds like (and absolutely is) a recipe for obscene success if you ask us!

The gang is damn well back together as Euphoria took to their Instagram to share a cute glimpse into the first reading of season two’s script.

By our count, that’s 15 exclamation marks but we’re screaming at least 30 inside.

Our pens are poised at the ready for a release date already!!!!

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty

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