After Prolonged Lockdown Delays, Production Of 'Sex Education' Season 3 Is Back Underway Baby

Production of Sex Education Season 3: 1 Pandemic: 0.

Production of Sex Education Season 3: 1 Pandemic: 0.

Hooo man okay so just when you thought ‘ah shit, the bloody pandemic has halted all production of Sex Education Season 3’, the universe goes and throws you a curveball. That’s right kids, you heard it here first – well not exactly first – but you’re definitely hearing it here: Production of Sex Education Season 3 is back underway baby.

Not gonna lie to you, it was looking like the ol ‘rona had sidelined Sex Education Season 3, but just when you think Sex Education Season 3 is out for the count, it just comes back swinging. Incredible. I’ve actually never seen the show, but I hear there’s a whole two seasons before this one, and they’re on Netflix. So check em out?

Filming for Season 3 was due to commence back in May, but faced multiple delays due to the crippling global pandemic. But all is well in Sex Education land now, as it was revealed on Twitter that “Sex Education S3 is officially in production.”

Accompanying the tweet from Netflix UK & Ireland’s official Twitter account was a cute behind-the-scenes video featuring cast members Asa Butterfield, Chris Jenks, Gillian Anderson, Connor Swindells and others getting ready to head back to the set. 

Read MTV's full interview with the Sex Education's Ncuti Gatwa and Asa Butterfield (conducted by a journalist who actually has watched the show) right here.

Main Image Credit: Sex Education, Netflix

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