Ciarran Stott Reveals What Actually Went Down Between Him And Kiki Post-'Bachelor In Paradise'


In a rare interview on FOX FM this morning, Ciarran Stott revealed some serious tea about Bachelor In Paradise, Angie Kent and where he stands with his ex, Kiki Morris.

Ciarran said Angie Kent DM’ed him asking for the real reason he’d left The Bachelorette. At the time, Ciarran said he was leaving because of his nan’s passing, but on Bachelor In Paradise, which wrapped on Sunday, his ex Renee Barrett had claimed it was cause he’d wanted to get back with her.

Naturally, Angie was pissed – and let everyone know. She started by calling out the six guys from The Bachelorette who’d ended up BIP for not being on the show for “the right reasons” before going on to single out Ciarran and Timm Hanly in particular, saying she wished she'd eliminated them sooner.

Now, Ciarran has responded, saying he had in fact been texting Renee during The Bachelorette, but that it was because he'd felt he didn’t have anyone else to talk to about his nan’s passing. The situation, he says, wasn't what fans were making it out to be. 

“It was just the whole running back to Renee after I left the show [The Bachelorette] and my nan didn’t die. I had people having a go at me saying, ‘I can’t believe you made up your nan died to leave the show’,” Ciarran said on Fifi, Fey & Byron on FOX FM this morning via Pedestrian. “I was like, ‘Are these people serious?'”

Also in the radio chat, Ciarran admitted to making “some mistakes” on Bachelor In Paradise, adding that he found the show difficult to watch.

Understandable considering, you know, all that what went down. The season saw him romancing Abbie Chatfield and Jessica Brody before ending up with Kiki Morris – with who he didn’t share any of that history. The two had left Fiji together to see if they could work things out in the real world – they couldn’t. Oh, and there was also the time he said he could get back with his ex, Renee Barrett, who was dating Matt Whyatt on the show, “if he wanted”. So yes, we can see why he's probably not keen to watch it back.

“Looking back on it, it’s a bit difficult to watch, I didn’t watch all of it,” he said. “The actions that I did, I have learned from it, and people do need to remember that this show doesn’t define who I am as a person. I did make mistakes on it, but I’m 26 and I’m still learning and maturing.”

Ciarran went on to explain Matt had pulled him aside at the Bula Banquet to let him know he was keen on Renee, and that he’d been fine with it. “I’m not a guy that thinks I own a woman, but that’s definitely how it came across on TV. I’m not like that whatsoever,” he said.

Ciarran also reflected on his time in Paradise with Kiki Morris and shared his side on what happened with them post-filming. Apparently Ciarran moved to Sydney to be with Kiki, but the move was quite rushed, and didn't work out in the end. “Moved in pretty quickly, it all went straight into the deep end really,” he said. “Then after New Year’s, it just – I don’t know – fizzled out a bit and that was it ... She didn’t do anything wrong, it just didn’t work and I moved to Melbourne,” he said.

Kiki has also been pretty vocal about their split, sharing a lengthy update on Instagram about the situation. “Following Paradise, Ciarran moved to Sydney and for the most part of those 2 months things were really positive,” she said. “It’s unfortunate our relationship didn’t work out the way we wanted, and we are no longer together.” She added: “The experience was definitely worth it as I have a new understanding of myself and the real love story here is how proud I am of who I have become!”

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