The Angie Kent & Carlin Sterritt Breakup Drama Continues

Step aside, Carlin Sterritt – it’s Angie Kent’s turn to weigh in on the breakup. Given this hellish year, we don't hate the distraction.

Step aside, Carlin Sterritt – it’s Angie Kent’s turn to weigh in on the breakup (again). And given this hellish year, we don't hate the distraction.

Ever since announcing their split in July, the former Bachelorette couple have been going tit for tat on what led to the demise of their 10-month relationship. And we.. haven't hated it? Sucks that the relationship ended and people's feelings have been hurt, of course... but also, the back and forth serves as a welcome distraction from our current hellish existence, especially for those invested in Bach stuff.

On that note, the latest! So appearing on The Kyle & Jackie O Show recently, Angie Kent revealed the pair actually called it off in June this year, but only announced the news a month later.

“We finished filming [The Bachelorette] in August last year, and Carlin and I decided to break up… it would have been around June,” she said.

“We were discussing what are we going to do, it was getting hard. But we didn’t really announce it until July. I was in Queensland when we fully decided [to split]. I needed to go home and be with the family. It just wasn’t good. And then, you know, I just kept staying [in Queensland]. It was good for a while, until it wasn’t. At the end of the day, chemistry doesn’t always mean compatibility. We were smitten with each other on the show, but our values were different.”

So, what exactly were said value differences? Angie answered that too.

“I’m a little more spiritual, a little bit more carefree and wild, whereas he’s more, you know, kind of … He’s a Christian boy. He’s just… we’re just different,” she said. Makes sense.

As discussed, Carlin Sterritt also gave his take on the breakup. On NOVA’s How To… Life podcast, he’d cited two things he reckoned contributed the breakup: having to watch The Bachelorette back and feeling uncomfortable with Angie’s relationship with Bachie runner-up Timm Hanly.

“It’s almost as if someone has just handed you their phone, their Tinder and say ‘have a scroll’, “ he’d said. “Being the guy that was chosen at the end, and then having to watch it all back, it bred this insecurity in me that was kind of lying dormant that I hadn’t dealt with since my ex-wife.” He continued: “I think seeing how strong some of those other connections were, I was like ‘far out – I wasn’t really just this huge front runner’ and I did see that it was quite a hard choice.”

He went on to say he could tell Angie “really cared for” for Timm, which unnerved him. “They were kind of messaging a little bit afterwards,” he said. Timm Hanly has kept quiet on this one, for now. For any more distracting breakup comments; you know where we are...

Main Image Credit: The Bachelorette, Channel Ten

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