Have I Been In Isolation For Too Long Or Is Tarzan From Survivor Hot?


Right now plenty of young people are trying to make sense of a situation they've never experienced before in their lifetime.

In short, our brains are scrambled eggs.

Whether you're working from home, taking classes online or trying to figure out what your new normal is - you might be discovering some interesting things about yourself. I know I certainly am.

Like plenty of people, I've been turning to my favourite shows in an effort to escape any anxious feels I might be feeling. Thank god for Survivor because without it, I think I would have gone absolutely men'al.

After tuning in this past week, I've been asking myself a question and I've gotta wonder....does anyone else out there feel the same?

Have I been in isolation too long, or is Tarzan hot?

I've been in some form of forced or self-imposed quarantine for around 3 weeks now and I feel like my brain is playing tricks on me. Or maybe, just maybe, TARZAN IS HOT.

Tarzan aka Mark is a sweet lime farmer which, let me tell you, fires me up deeeeeeep down in my sweet limes, if you know what I'm saying (is anyone even still out there?).

The 53-year-old bearded zaddy originally told 10 Daily his survivor game plan is "to become all things to all men and women." That kind of ambiguous flirting is exactly why I've found myself deeply attracted to this man.

Throughout the series Tarz has become somewhat of a father figure to the other contestants. That became incredibly obvious during the really heartbreaking situation which unfolded when Lee received the news his mum had a stroke and was not expected to make it. I was absolutely weeping on the couch as Tarzan held Lee in his hour of need.

Nothing revs me up more than a sensitive soul who knows exactly what to do in a tough situation.

And look it's not all about physical attraction but it obviously helps that Tarzan is an absolutel 10/10 rigatoni. Catch me choking on my 18th snack for the day when I saw Tarz in all his bare-bottomed glory this week.

Network 10

Even up against David, the international male model, he stacks up as the winner for me.

Look, what I'm trying to say is YOU: TARZAN, ME: HORNY.

Once this whole coronavirus situation eases up I wonder if I will still feel the same? It's hard to say, but even if Tarzan doesn't win Survivor, he has won my heart.

Let me know if anyone else is feeling the same way, I could really use some validation right now.

p.s Tarzan, I love you.

The new season of Australian Survivor: Brain V Brawn starts on July 18 on 10 and 10 play on demand. Happy watching. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram @survivorau

Words by Lisa Hamilton.