Just Your Complete Guide To All The Shit That’s Gone Down With Ellen Degeneres Recently

She’s rich, famous and probably has access to a hairdresser in lockdown – but would anyone really want to trade places with Ellen DeGeneres right now?

She’s rich, famous and probably has access to a hairdresser in lockdown – but would anyone really want to trade places with Ellen DeGeneres right now? 

In case you’ve been hiding under your doona for a week (no judgement, there are no rules in a pandemic), you’ll know that Ellen’s ‘be kind’ brand is basically obsolete.

Last week, we reported that WarnerMedia was opening an investigation into allegations that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a horrible place to work. Apparently, the reailty of working for the show is less 'be kind' and more 'be a bully, discriminate against minorities and fire people for no reason', which doesn't have quite the same ring to it. The accusations definitely did some damage to Ellen’s reputation, and she went on to pen a letter of apology to her staff later that week. More on her letter and how it was received here

So what’s gone down since then? A sombre weekend? Some quiet reflection? Not quite. Below, we've provided a quick rundown of all the updates in this Ellen-related saga that's occured over the past 48-72 hours. Things move quickly... 

Saturday August 2: Ellen wants to jump ship? 

Over the weekend, Us Weekly reported that Ellen isn’t happy about the allegations made by her staff and is starting to feel that she is being targeted for her success. The magazine reckons Ellen is “pissed that people have come forward to share these negative stories about her and feels betrayed”. 

Apparently, at this point Ellen has had enough drama and is ready to call the show quits. Which wouldn’t be surprising, since the 62-year-old has been thinking about retiring for a while now.

Sunday August 3: Ellen is to be replaced with… James Corden!?

James Corden is being considered as a possible replacement for Ellen, according to a report from PageSix.

The British celebrity already hosts The Late Late Show and its super popular Carpool Karaoke segment. That said, no one seemed super excited by the idea, with many claiming that Corden is also a nightmare to work with and just a crappy person generally. Damn! 

Others were underwhelmed by the prospect of another straight white talk show host, putting forward possibilities like Laverne Cox and Wendy Williams instead. I'm also available, by the way. 

Monday August 4: Wife Portia De Rossi defends Ellen on Instagram

Ellen's longtime partner Portia De Rossi made it clear that she was supporting her wife in a rather dramatic Instagram post shared on Sunday night.

The post read “I Stand By Ellen” and included the hashtag #IStandByEllen. It also includes the words “Be Kind To One Another” – an Ellen staple which she famously whipped out in response to her friendship with George W. Bush. Yikes.

Many Insta users were less than impressed by the post. “I DON’T STAND WITH ELLEN” fired back Instagram user @dan.korachgot to a whopping 3,228 likes. Meanwhile, @skoobs123 was a bit more diplomatic in her response. "Hmm she wasn't very kind to others by the sound of it.. 😳why is that?” 

Another user, @redhotcheetos._, went with “what happened?” For god's sake, @redhotcheetos._. Please get your shit together. Or at least read this article.

It's safe to say that the Ellen situation remains, in a word, chaotic. It's still unclear how all this will end, either. Will she stay or will she go? Will James Corden take to dancing, or will someone completely different step up to the plate? We'll keep you across developments as they happen – or at least within a 48-hour window. That's a promise. 

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