Jeffree Star Is Reportedly Being Sued By The Estate Of Anna Nicole Smith

Another day, another Jeffree Star legal spat, this time with the estate of the late Anna Nicole Smith.

Makeup mogul and YouTuber Jeffree Star is reportedly being sued by the estate of the late Anna Nicole Smith…?

The story was first reported by celebrity news site The Blast, who claim they’ve seen the official court documents filed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The late Anna Nicole Smith was an American actress, reality star and model who sadly died of a drug overdose in 2007. Her estate acquired all of her intellectual property after her death, and is apparently accusing Star of using her “name, image and likeness” to spruik his (extremely lucrative) makeup line.

The products in question are the velour liquid lipstick and lipliner. Both items available in the shade ‘Anna Nicole’; described as a ‘fiery, bright orange red with a matte finish’. Smith’s estate claims that Jeffree never sought permission to slap the late actress’s name on his products. They also say he’s used images of the Smith’s likeness on marketing materials without paying “compensation for the commercial use of such rights, let alone compensation commensurate with the substantial commercial value” tied to Smith’s profile.

In April this year, Jeffree confirmed on an episode of US podcast Mom’s Basement that Jeffree Star Cosmetics has a net worth of “like 1.5 [billion]” USD.

Apparently, the YouTuber is yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer at MTV Australia. Follow her at @purpletank.

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