Zac Efron’s On The Move, Now Spotted Sinking Schooners In Adelaide

A humble update for Zac Efron devotees.

Someone get Zac Efron a Tourism Australia contract.

Since arriving in the country back in March, the 33-year-old is without question single-handedly increasing tourism numbers exponentially to each of the spots he frequents. 

Recently he's been living it up in Byron, where he met girlfriend and former café waitress Vanessa Valladares.) Then there was his trip to Thredbo, where he and Ness had been spotted on a ski and snowboard trip. And more recently, Bondi, where he'd been seen through a window in a restaurant on Bondi road by Bachelor star Laura Byrne of all people.

While we don't have any hard stats on how many flocked to these spots post-Zefron sightings, we're guessing it was a fair few. I mean, I myself live in Bondi and after hearing the news may or may not have hightailed it to Bondi road.

Now, though, it's Adelaide's turn to brace itself. The actor was peeped in the South Australia capital on Wednesday night, hitting up popular bar Crybaby in the CBD. A fan posted a clip of him sinking a beer, captioning it: "Imagine hitting Crybaby on a Wednesday… only to see and meet Zac Efron." And yeah, I really can't. 

Last week, Zefron was announced to be cast in Stan original film Gold, which will also star Aussie actors Anthony Hayes and Susie Porter, and film in South Australia. The thriller will follow two strangers travelling through a desert who come across the biggest nugget of gold ever found. The pair then devise a plan to protect and excavate their loot, with one man leaving to get equipment and the other staying behind to endure harsh desert elements and the sneaking suspicion his mate might be not coming back. 

According to reports from a publication called Inside Film, Zefron may have taken over the role from Sam Worthington, who was originally cast for it. I won't insult your intelligence by pretending to be mad, sorry Sam.

Written by Sangeeta Kocharekar, an American-born, Sydney-based writer at MTV. Photos from her pre-COVID-19 days as a travel writer are here.

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