Seth Rogen's New Film Is About A Man Who Gets Embalmed In A Vat Of Pickles & Wakes Up 100 Years Later


Well this might pickle your fancy. Oop sorry, we mean tickle…

Comedy king Seth Rogen has teased a first look at his new comedy An American Pickle on his social media. And if it wasn't clear, yes, yes he is still a fan of ganja.

The flick has been picked up by the newest streaming service on the block HBO Max, which is set to premiere on May 27th, so expect this comedy within a month.

That’s a big dill. Oop sorry, we mean deal…

He’s teamed up with his producing partner from day one Evan Goldberg (they literally wrote the script for Superbad together in high school) on the film alongside James Weaver, so you just ~know~ it’s gonna be comedy gold.

As for the storyline? Well it’s based off the 2013 The New Yorker series Sell Out by Simon Rich, and will see Seth star as Herschel Greenbaum, a struggling labourer who immigrated to America in the 1920s to build a better life.

Nek minit, Herschy falls into a vat of, well obviously, pickles, and is preserved for a century before reappearing in current day Brooklyn. Talk about finding yourself in a real pickle.

But better yet, ye olde Hersch isn’t the only character Seth will be playing, he’s also depicting Herschel’s computer-coder grandson. Oh boy, this is a big dill/DEAL indeed.

Guess you could call this time traveller a real brine traveller. Okay we’ll stop, we hear you.

Another fun pickle fact, to tickle your no-innuendo pickle: this film wasn’t actually shot in IRL Brooklyn. It filmed in Pittsburgh late last year, aka the American city home to the annual Picklesburgh festival. They hekn ~froth~ le pickle in that city.

Anyway, we are damn well looking forward to seeing this film’s release.

It’ll be a good respite from gherkin from home. SORRY, working from home.

That’s enough.

Main Image Credit: Instagram, @sethrogen

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