Holly Hagan Shows Off The Results Of Her Kyle Christie Tattoo Removal


Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan is in the process of removing her Kyle Christie tattoo, and she took us along to her latest laser tattoo removal sesh.

The reality TV lass received the tattoo of Kyle's face, on the back of neck, during their appearance together on Just Tattoo of Us. 

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she tells her followers: “So I’ve just had my laser hair removal done and that was completely fine, completely painless, I’m onto my third session now so hopefully it shouldn’t be too many more.”

“So I’ve had my laser tattoo removal here at New Look Laser Clinic [also],” she goes on to say. “And I’m not gonna lie it’s not the nicest, but erm, it’s a really really really powerful laser.”

“I have been extremely scarred by previous lasers, so Chris had to try and solve that. So I’m going to show you now the difference between one and a half sessions,” she finished up with.

Holly then went on to share two pictures of her tattoo. One from when she suffered scarring from her previous lasering and a more recent picture after and one and a half recent corrective treatments.

Fingers crossed Holly will be seeing the back of that tatt in no time.

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