Erica Mallett On Why She Quit triple j & The End Of Her Time With Co-Host Sally Coleman

triple j Breakfast hosts, Erica Mallet and Sally Coleman have hung up their headphones, just a year after landing the top gig.

It’s the end of another triple j breakfast era. On November 17, triple j abruptly announced that a year after landing the coveted timeslot, Erica Mallett and Sally Coleman were quitting radio to “pursue other opportunities”. 

Now one half of the duo have come out to explain their decision to end their triple j reign.

In a lengthy Instagram caption, Erica Mallett revealed that she did want to continue with the show, but that her professional relationship with Sally had come to its “natural conclusion”. 

“The first thing I want to say is that Sally and Erica didn’t get axed from triple j,” she wrote. “In fact, the show was doing really well. We were getting great feedback across the board — from management and our listeners. Until recently, we were all planning for a 2021 where Sally and Erica would grow and grow.”

“Sally and I started out together when I was 18, and I’m so proud of everything we have done over the last 8-or-so years — at triple j, as Coda Conduct, at FBi, the lot. She’s so clever and inspired and I’ve always admired that.”

“I wanted breaky to continue. I really did, with my whole heart. Unfortunately, the reality was that although Sally and Erica – the show was going great guns, Sally and Erica – the people were coming to the natural conclusion of their 8 year creative ride together.”

Erica went on to say that it was time to close that chapter and that though she was excited to work with new people on new ideas, she was really going to miss triple j’s audience, which had made her feel like she had “tens of thousands of friends”.

As for what’s next for Erica? “Watch this space,” she wrote. “I’m still making music (news on this soon!), I’m still writing. I’m dipping my toes into areas that excite me and I have ideas pouring out so quick I can’t always catch them. But I promise I’ll try my best to, and to share them with you. Because ultimately, that’s just what I love doing.”

Meanwhile, triple j has already announced the new duo taking over Sally and Erica next year. From January 2021, Bryce Mills, the current host of the station’s Weekend Arvos show, and Ebony Boadu, a DJ who’s played at Falls Festival and Splendour In The Grass, will be on 6 – 9am every weekdays. Exciting stuff!

Catch Erica’s full post here: 

Written by Sangeeta Kocharekar, an American-born, Sydney-based writer at MTV. Photos from her pre-COVID-19 days as a travel writer are here.

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