Japan Is Making Moves To Get Aussies To Come Visit Again

I could weep.

Pack your aspirational suitcase.

Wanna get out of here? Well you could be in luck, with Japan looking to ease overseas travel bans from as early as next month (aka tomorrow). 

According to reports Nikkei Asia, the country is looking to adjust travel advisories for select countries with low numbers of coronavirus cases, with Australia and New Zealand reportedly making the cut. 

Here’s how it works. Japan assigns each country to a particular risk category depending on the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in that region. At the moment, Japan has travel restrictions in place that ban travellers from 159 countries and regions (including Australia) from entering the country. These countries are all categorised as level ‘three’ (translation: alarm bells!). 

But from October 1, countries like Australia will reportedly be recategorised to a friendlier level ‘two’, distinguishing us from countries where the outbreak is severe (like the US). 

This apparently means that Aussies will be able to enter Japan from that time – but only with permission to stay in the country for more than three months. 

The news comes amid confirmation that New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern is looking to firm up travel bubble arrangements between Australia and NZ by Christmas. 

Y'know, we're starting to see a pattern here. It's almost like the fewer infections we have, the more likely it is we'll get on a plane one day. Funny that.

If your head is a little scrambled, make sure you pop over to to get all of your official COVID-19 updates.

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