YouTuber Alleges That Jeffree Star May Have Lied About His Make-Up Warehouse Being Robbed For Publicity

The explosive allegations came to light today on Twitter.

There are reports flying around that Jeffree Star may have lied about the robbery that supposedly occurred at his make-up warehouse last year, after YouTuber D'Angelo Wallace shared some new information along with his own suspicions about the incident.

There are two key points that D'Angelo spoke to in a lengthy Twitter thread on the topic: firstly, he says that Star's story sounds eerily similar to another of a make-up warehouse robbery, and secondly, there are reportedly no police statements about the alleged incident, even though Jeffree claimed he was working with the police on the case.

The YouTuber D’Angelo Wallace tweeted the following alongside an article about a 2017 robbery in LA: “Ya’ll notice that Jeffree Star’s robbery story is EXACTLY the same as this actually real makeup warehouse robbery story that happened a year prior?”

D’Angelo added: “But somehow there are no police statement’s about Jeff’s?”.

D’Angelo went on to upload a series of tweets where he suggests Star lied about the warehouse robbery in order to gain more publicity for his new make-up line, which was supposedly due to launch the month after the robbery took place.  

In April 2019, Jeffree had claimed his warehouse was ransacked by burglars who stole $2.5 million-worth of make-up. At the time, “sources familiar with the case” reportedly told TMZ the thieves had “cut a hole through the roof of Jeffree’s warehouse to get in” and then had proceeded to take “thousands of lip liners”, among other items.

The 2017 robbery D’Angelo shared in his post saw $4.5 million worth of makeup from a warehouse in LA stolen. The suspects had apparently “sawed through the roof” of the warehouse and taken “more than 100,000 packages of eye shadow”. Different amount of stolen goods, but the stories sound quite similar.

At the time of his robbery, Jeffree had said that he'd worked with the FBI, local law enforcement and his own private hired investigators and that he’d managed to crack the case. A “major player” who’d been found to be reselling the product had been arrested.

“We are slowly unravelling the evidence and finding all the people who are in possession of my products and who their sources are,” Jeffree had tweeted. “The makeup black market is so twisted and has several layers. I can’t believe something I worked so hard on is floating around all over the world.”

You can read D'Angelo's full thread where he airs his suspicions about the Jeffree-warehouse robbery saga here

D'Angelo's tweets come off the back of this week’s news that yet Star's business partner, Shane Dawson, had previously been filmed in blackface and used the ‘n’ word. Of course, Dawson's prior racist behaviour is well documented, but the issue was raised again after the YouTuber released a lengthy apology video over the weekend (you can catch it here, if you have a spare 20 minutes). 

Just a day after Shane released his apology, another disturbing clip of him resurfaced. The video seemed to show Shane pretending to masturbate to a poster of a then 11-year-old Willow Smith. The Smiths have since spoken out about the incident.

As for Jeffree, we'll let you know if he has anything to say about the whole robbery thing now – although so far he's been unusually quiet... 

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