Some Absolute Madman Made A Seven-Hour Long 'Lo Fi Iso Beats With Dan Andrews' Video

Big cursed 2020 energy.

Chances are this girl looks pretty familiar to you:

Over the past couple of years, “lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to” has become something of a cultural phenomenon. The creator, YouTube Channel ChilledCow, has 5.88 million subscribers, and that number is steadily growing.

Lofi hip hop beats radio – beats to study/relax to has almost universal appeal, and because of its popularity, an endless number of copycat streams have popped up. Most of which are pretty damn good.

And then there’s this:

Yep. Some absolute psychopath has made a seven and a half hour long lofi beats video of Daniel Andrews, and called it “Lofi ISO beats with dandrews so we can get on the beers later.”

We’re all about transparency here at MTV, so I gotta tell you, I’ve had it playing in the background the whole time I’ve been writing this story, and well, I still can’t decide if it’s oddly soothing, or it’s the most cursed thing I’ve ever listened to. I guess it’s a bit of both.

But how far does this go? How many other complete loose units are out there making lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to featuring politicians?

Turns out, there’s a lot. The rabbit hole runs deep. A lot of freaks out there, friends. Freaks doing the lords work. Here’s some of my faves. Thank me later.

Bernie Sanders 8 1/2 hour Filibuster but it's Lofi

lo fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to

lo fi merkelwave beats to relax/get nothing done to

lofi Giuseppe Conte mix - beats to relax/quarantine to

Last but not least – and I may be biased, given my surname sounds like a pasta – but I reckon the Italians did it best with this quarantine banger from back in March:

So there you have it folks, the most cursed of playlists to get you through the most cursed of times. Take care of each other X.

Main Image Credit: Memeiva, YouTube

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