Pressing Questions With Maple Glider

We accost musician Maple Glider with a medley of life’s most pressing questions.

The music of Maple Glider is like a warm and firm hug, or a giant gulp of lemon and ginger tea. With a voice that rivals Lana Del Rey and the lyrical poignance of Courtney Barnett, Maple Glider tells it to you straight while never compromising on the magic. Her honesty, though, is never brash or brutal, but comforting and rejuvenating. When she tells you a story, you know it’s going to be one you’ll be better off having heard. Whether it’s unpackaging a religious upbringing on “As Tradition” or finding solace in the scratches of her cat on “Baby Tiger”, Maple Glider’s music is always a lesson in reflection.

Her debut album To Enjoy is the Only Thing – which dropped on June 25 – continues on that theme of reflection, but for now MTV Australia has asked Maple Glider to reflect on herself, a pursuit which brought us lessons on tomato seedlings, “desperate hopefulness” and the power of being a morning person.

What is the meaning of life?

Chilli oil.

Something COVID taught you

1. Ugg boots are a lifestyle.

2. 40 tomato seedlings is actually a perfectly reasonable amount. Just dig up your entire backyard until it becomes one giant veggie patch and hope the owner doesn’t mind.

3. Don’t let your housemate/BFF convince you that you can get worms from eating the produce from said veggie bed just because she found cat poop in it. It’s the beginning of a very wayward downward spiral.

Last movie you watched

Promising Young Woman.

Best advice you’ve received?

Order the burrata.

Someone you really admire

My community of beautiful friends – they are the warmest puddle.

How do you feel about your hair?

It’s coarse enough that I can tie it up with itself. I respect that.

Describe yourself in three words

Can't be tamed.

One person or thing you think is underrated

House parties but it’s just you and your housemates running in circles around your dining table singing every word to “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross.

Would you rather travel 100 years to the past or the future?

I say the future, but with a desperate hopefulness. First Nations landback! Regeneration of the lands and seas that home us. Abolition of racist, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, ableist and patriarchal structures and attitudes that oppress and destroy. Clean air to breathe, fish in the sea, nutrient-rich soil, the whistling of trees. That’s a world I want to be a part of.

Nature or nurture?

Nurture. Probably a balance of both, though.

What do you doubt most?

The Federal Government and The Criminal Justice System. Kids as young as nine or ten are being locked up in prisons. The inequality is rampant and it echoes through everything.

Daily ritual you couldn't live without

Making people laugh is something that brings me lots of joy and I think if I wasn’t a bit silly in my day to day then this Maple wouldn’t Glide very far if you know what I’m saying.

How are you at 8am?

The way I begin my morning can really set the tone for how I view the rest of my day. Recently I’ve been finding a lot of enjoyment in waking up around 7:30am, making a cup of coffee and taking my housemate's puppy for a walk. I’m the kind of person who thrives in the sunshine and warmer weather and can struggle quite a lot in Winter if I’m not getting enough outside time, so I find morning walks a really good opportunity to get outside, warm my body and clear my head a little before I tuck into anything else.

Something you're passionate about

Midday baths. Tomatoes in olive oil. Getting grubby in the garden. Scribbling. Smooshing paint in my hands and letting the kitchen smoke up if it means I get a good char on the zucchini. I also love lemons, ocean swims, bushland, hot chips, card games, board games, and pretty much any kind of game. I really like playing.

Tell us about your music in a sentence or two

It feels like breathing out after holding things in for a while. There's something reassuring about it. I can’t ever really predict what I’m going to write, and I rarely make sense of the chords, the structure, or anything else that technically defines it, but making it feels so good, so I keep doing it. I trust that process and I find comfort in letting it be whatever it is.

Maple Glider’s debut record 'To Enjoy Is The Only Thing' is out now via Partisan Records. Get listening here. She's also touring Australia's East Coast from July to September 2021 – for tour dates, head over to Maple's website.

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