YouTuber Jeffree Star Has Been Hospitalised After Car Crash

Controversial YouTuber Jeffree Star has been injured in a car crash in Wyoming, USA.

Jeffree Star took to Twitter today to share news that he and his friend, Daniel Lucas, have been involved in a car crash in Wyoming, USA, which resulted in both of them being hospitalised.

On Friday, April 16, in the US, Star shared a series of tweets revealing that he and Daniel were involved in a crash. Star’s posts revealed that the car had flipped “3 times after hitting black ice”.

“This morning was one of the scariest moments of our entire lives,” Star wrote on Twitter. “I’m so grateful to be here still. I’m in excruciating pain because part of my back is broken and I have vertebrae fractures on my spine. My doctor said it will take a few months but I should make a full recovery.”

Star went on to write that Daniel Lucas is suffering “internal injuries” and is having “complications with his organs”, but shared that hospital staff are monitoring him 24/7. E! is reporting that officers from the Wyoming Highway Patrol responded to the crash at around 8.30am local time, and that Jeffree was behind the wheel of the vehicle when he "lost traction and lost control", before ultimately veering off the road and "overturning the vehicle”, as per Wyoming Highway Patrol reps.

Jeffree Star has been embroiled in a series of controversies since rising to fame initially via MySpace in the early-mid 2000s. Beyond fallings out with fellow YouTubers Trisha Paytas, James Charles, Tati Westbrook and many, many more, Star has also recently been accused of sexual assault and physical violence. An explosive report by Insider released in October last year outlined some of these key allegations and provided evidence that suggested Jeffree Star may have used legal tactics and "hush money" offers of USD $10 000 to encourage alleged victims to recant their stories to the publication (several did, the reporters say). A lawyer representing Jeffree called the allegations "false and defamatory”.

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