Happy Monday: There's Talk A New Zealand & NSW Travel Bubble Could Happen Within 'Weeks'

NSW could soon be saying kia ora to New Zealand as talk of a travel bubble is picked back up.

NSW could soon be saying kia ora to New Zealand as talk of a travel bubble is picked back up.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt during these very uncertain COVID-19 times, it’s that border openings and closures can happen overnight without warning. Take the South Australia border, which suddenly opened to NSW residents on Thursday last week. Then there’s the opening of the Queensland border to northern NSW, which happens October 1st. And, should NSW manage to keep its case numbers down, there’s also talk the Queensland border may open to all of the state any day now.

Now we’re getting wind of another border that could be opening to NSW residents verrrry soon: New Zealand.

Yep, according to 7News, talk of an Aus-NZ travel bubble, which first began in April and has since been on-again, off-again too many times to count, was brought up again at the National Cabinet last Friday. The chat is now about a simpler bubble – only between New Zealand and New South Wales – that's of course dependent on continued low coronavirus cases in both areas.

The plan is first for Kiwis to be allowed into New South Wales without having to mandatory quarantine, and then, shortly after, for NSW residents to be allowed the same. If all goes well, it should be up and running by Christmas. Which, considering that's just three months away, is pretty sweet as.

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Main Image Credit: Casey Horner, Unsplash

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