Wholesome Friday Content Here: A Confused Koala Found A New Home In Some Lucky Sod’s Christmas Tree

I desperately needed this today.

Been a long week? Itching for some downtime, but still have to make it through six or seven more hours of work? Enter, this lovely distraction: a video of a koala found by a bemused family in a Christmas tree.

Here it is:

Apparently a family in the Adelaide Hills set up their Christmas tree and then went out for the day, they returned home to find a koala in their tree! Yep, in between the baubles, stars and snowflakes was a rogue, but also very cute and cuddly, animal. Just chilling, the little rascal. Naturally, the homeowner, Amanda McCormick, said she was "shocked".

"I got home from work and the dog made a beeline for the Christmas tree and I noticed all of the decorations on the floor," Ms McCormick said via the ABC. "I could not believe it, I was in shock. It was right in my face."

She went on to explain that the koala had likely crawled in after her daughter had left the door open. "Normally we do [lock the door] but … we left it open just for the dog to go in and out," she explained. "She went out for a couple of hours and we all came home together and there it was." Wild.

Apparently the wildlife rescuers didn't even believe Ms McCormick when she rang, asking them to have the koala taken off the tree.

"I know what [koalas] can get like so I thought, 'I'll leave that one to the professionals and get them round," she said, adding that the koalas weren't all that keen on having to leave. "I think she was quite comfortable," she said. Naw.

Written by Sangeeta Kocharekar, an American-born, Sydney-based writer at MTV. Photos from her pre-COVID-19 days as a travel writer are here.

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