Zoë Foster Blake Cuts Two Products From Her Skincare Line In Bid To Promote 'Equality'

Zoë Foster Blake discontinues two products from her skincare range in a bid to "promote equality and inclusion."

Zoë Foster Blake has pulled two products from her skincare range, citing her company's commitment to "equality and inclusion". 

Melbourne-based author and entrepreneur Zoë Foster Blake has announced she is pulling two products from her popular Go-To Skincare line for not being "inclusive", reports

In a statement posted to Instagram, would be discontinued as the products don't align with the brand’s recent public commitment to “promote equality and inclusion.”

The Aussie brand was called out for its failure to cater to non-white skin tones when it launched its tinted mineral sunscreen in 2018, which only came in one shade. In her statement, Zoë attempts to defend the decision by claiming the products were never meant to be make-up or to add coverage, but to tackle “white cast”, which, if you didn’t know, is the ghostly tint people get after applying most sunscreens.

The two products will be gone from shelves by March 2021 – something Zoë Foster calls a “terrible business move” but says is justified because “to us, business is more than ‘business’”. Some women of colour, however, have criticised Foster Blake for implying that a commitment to "inclusion" is bad for business

Inclusivity been a hot topic on the skincare and cosmetics front in recent years with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand, launched in 2017 with the tagline “beauty for all” and a ground-breaking range of 40 shades of foundation for “every woman”, leading the way. At the time, many makeup brands had thought dark shades wouldn’t sell. That September, one of Fenty's Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundations was sold every minute, and Time named Fenty Beauty one of the most important inventions of 2017. 

Other brands nailing inclusivity (and to get behind) include Estee Lauder, Illamasqua, Too Faced, Cover FX and Maybelline.

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