The Season Two Trailer For 'Outer Banks' Is Finally Here & It Looks Like A Wild Ride

The second season of the Netflix series is getting so close we can taste the salt in the air.

Longing for a tan? I’m not, I’m ethnic. But in any case, the second season of Outer Banks, your favourite sun-drenched teen drama boasting all the juicy secrets, love triangles and twists you ask for is finally in sight. Yep, season two Outer Banks is upon us; with all 10 episodes scheduled to drop on Netflix on July 30, 2021.

That’s just over three weeks away, so in the meantime, Netflix has offered up a little something to whet our appetites: all of season two’s episode titles; written in gold pen on a napkin from The Wreck. 

Netflix also dropped the trailer for season two of the series, which offers just the right amount of intrigue without giving away the whole season. Commendable!

It’s safe to say that we’ll be watching and re-watching the above until John B (played by Chase Stokes, who by the way we are obsessed with) and the Pogues (made up of returning cast members Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Davis and Maddison Bailey) are safely back in our lives.

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