Where Are They Now? 5 Of The Most WTF Moments From Catfish: The TV Show

All your faves.

Catfish: The TV Show is full of uncomfortable, cringe-worthy moments that we love and can't look away from - but do you ever wonder what happened to some of the best WTF couples on the show.

We've got you covered, 'where are they now?' style! And if you want to re-watch them all, make sure you tune in on Friday - only on MTV - for some super special catch ups!

1. Jasmine and Mike

This episode was all about the "Revenge Catfish" according to Max. Jasmine was texting Mike for two years, and they had never met even though they lived fifteen minutes from each other.

In true Catfish style, Mike was actually Jasmine's friend Mhissy. Mhissy wanted to steer Jasmine away from a man they were both talking to. That's some serious dedication to the 'tryna' steel yo man' business. 

When Max decided to set up a completely spontaneous check-in to catch up with Jasmine and Mhissy, he got them to speak again after two years of silence. The girls decided to move on and they talk every day now!

Check out Max's cheeky Tweet about re-watching the season one throwback. 

2. Felipe and Jasmin

Felipe fell in love online with who he thought was the “girl of his dreams” named Jasmin, sadly Jasmin was actually Luis, a man that lives in his neighbourhood and is friends with Felipe's ex girlfriend Alex.

Felipe was understandably very angry, but now it seems the two are friends according to a Facebook status posted by Luis. Now, Alex, the ex is still close with Luis as well according to her Instagram post, looks like all was well for Luis in the end. 


3. Marvin and Austin

Marvin began an online Grindr romance with a male model named, Austin. Marvin didn't know he was entering a ménage á trois of trouble.

He was actually being Catfished by not one, not two, but three people (Jason, Kurt, Kylea) logging into 'Austin's' Grindr account. They claimed they set up the account to catch peole cheating with strangers online (oh very comforting).

Two months go by and Marvin isn't on Grindr anymore, can't say we blame him after that one. Jason, Kurt, and Kylea claim they're not making anymore fake accounts, and why wouldn't we trust that?  

4. Blaire & Markie

Blaire's Instagram romance turned south when Markie didn't want to meet up with her after lying about being kidnapped!

Nev and Max set up the meet up and Nev got fed up listening to Markie's lies. "That's the worst thing you can do for [Blaire]...If you care about someone, be real with them!" he said.

Blaire ended up moving to Florida for a fresh start and the two are no longer romantically involved, but Nev and Max confirmed a few months later that Blaire and Markie were still speaking. 

5. Ramon and Paola

Ramon began an online romance with Paola, even giving her access to his BANK ACCOUNT even though they had never met. Nev and Max found out her name was actually Loyda.

When the two met, she claimed Ramon had actually seen the real Loyda on web-cam, this was news to Nev and Max, and they were rightfully annoyed with Ramon for possibly waisting their time!

In the two month follow up, Ramon had moved on to dating other girls and didn't really sweat the whole situation. Loyda is now happily married and admits her husband was uncomfortable with her remaining friends with Ramon, but they worked that all out in the end.

Make sure to catch a marathon of WTF moments on Catfish: The TV Show this Friday August 25 from 2-4:30pm and 8:10-10:45pm - only on MTv!

- Ariana Pezeshki 

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