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41 Pics That Show Tammy Hembrow's Transformation Over The Years


It's been a wild ride for Tammy Hembrow.

She's gone from GC gal to young mum-of-two with an Instagram following of 10 MILLION...and did we mention she's just 25 years old!?

Check out below how she has changed over the years...

Tammy shot to Internet stardom when a before and after pic of her pregnant stomach went viral. Since then, Tammy has gained a loyal fanbase who follow her fitness programs and live for her athleisure brand, Saski. She was even recently hand-picked by Khloe Kardashian to be part of her Good American campaign!

The Insta babe made headlines this year when she split with her baby daddy Reece Hawkins, and continued to find herself in the limelight when she was wheeled out of Kylie Jenner's 21st on a stretcher.

Most recently Tammy headed along to the 2019 VMAs as our very own MTV red carpet correspondent.

There's no stopping her now.


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