The BBMA's Were Pretty Much Tyra Banks' World & Everyone Else Was Just Visiting


Tyra Banks lived her best goddam life at the BBMA's this past weekend, getting all up in the biz of everything and everyone. 

Tyra began the night by strutting her stuff on the red carpet, showing everyone that only one person on this earth can truly smize.

She then paused for kick-ons with our favourite country boy, Mason Ramsay, giving us her best go at a Yodel. 

STOP - time to take some pics with Taylor Swift. Maybe we'll see the pair in one of Taylor's next videos?

DAT HAIR THO, watch Tyra giving life to Ariana - boosting that beloved pony-tail. 

Can't leave without smizing with BTS, don't know how these boys kept their cool so close to the Princess. 


We know who our vote is for hosting next year!

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