Eminem Makes A Surprise Cameo In Pete Davidson’s Chrissy-Themed “Stan” Spoof

All Eminem, er, Pete Davidson, wants for Christmas is a PlayStation 5.

When you think of heart-warming, festive music videos, Eminem's "Stan" – the 2000 clip featuring Dido and a crazed fan – probably doesn't come to mind. But somehow, when Saturday Night Live put a holidays-themed spin on the classic this past weekend, in a sketch starring Pete Davidson and Eminem himself, it just… worked.

In the parody, Davidson stars as Stu, an obsessive Santa Claus fan, who sends Santa (played by SNL host Jason Bateman) a heap of letters begging him for a PlayStation 5 for Christmas. SNL cast member Bowen Yang also features, playing Sir Elton John who famously teamed up with Eminem for a duet performance of the track at the Grammys in 2001. Oh, and there's Dido of course, played by the ever-reliable Kate McKinnon.

But it was the cameo at the end that really got fans in a tizzy: Eminem himself, wearing a holiday jumper, and sharing that he got a PS5 even though he "didn't even ask for this."

"I guess Shady must have been a good boy this year," the rapper said. "Sorry, Stu. You fucked up."

What do you reckon? A worthy tribute to the original? Judge for yourself below:

Written by Sangeeta Kocharekar, an American-born, Sydney-based writer at MTV. Photos from her pre-COVID-19 days as a travel writer are here.

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