WATCH: OMG This Old Interview Of 'Glee' Co-Stars Lea Michele & Amber Riley Reveals The Srs Tension Going On Behind The Scenes


Things haven't been very good for Lea Michele recently – and arguably rightly so. 

It started when the former Glee star tweeted her support for Black Lives Matter. Following her tweet, former Glee co-star Samantha Marie Ware accused the star of hypocrisy, and said she had engaged in racist behaviour against her back in the Glee days and made her life "living hell" on set. 

Michele has since apologised, but the allegations haven't gone away as the global reckoning with systemic racism continues. Now, an old video from her Glee days have resurfaced, showing just how much tension there was between Michele and her co-stars. In the clip which shows the actress being interviewed with cast member Amber Riley, the tension between the two is positively palpable.

The two are asked what it’s been like for the cast to be on tour together. To which Michele replies that they all “really, honestly do get along – thank god” and have “a lot of fun with each other”. Cue Riley's death stare. 

Watch it here:

Riley is then asked for her input, and simply replies, “Same”.

Since Samantha Marie Ware brought her experiences to light, other co-stars have also accused Michele of bad behaviour, some calling her a “nightmare”. Riley, for her part, has remained mum, apart from tweeting some GIFs that suggest that yep, she agrees but won’t get into it.

It looks like Lea Michele isn't getting off the hook anytime soon. Watch this space.

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